About the Author

JB Morris, author. His family never dreamed that one day the word “author” would follow his name. The talent to write had always been there for JB, starting with poetry in high school. The recognition of his interest in writing would come years later. He began his career working with his father in the funeral home business, and became a funeral director and manager of a cemetery

Still, the writing refused to step aside. Offered a book deal for his poetry, he turned it down. He was too busy. JB was successful, but he began to recognize that something was missing in his life. Searching for what was absent, he spent years as a television weatherman. Leadership was next when he served as a company commander in the Army Reserves.

Neither television nor the military quelled his restlessness. Politics was next, serving on a city council and then later as a state legislator. Despite the busy days serving in public office and working, he continued to occasionally write feature articles for a statewide organization.

Then it happened.

While researching an article, he finally realized what had been missing for all those years—writing full time. Unfortunately, work continued to pull him away.

Years later, on an unforgettable day, the vision of Grace stopped by and paid him a visit. Her story raced through his head, and she demanded he write it. The rest is history with the publication of his first novel, Grace an Unexpected Love. Writing romance and thriller novels and short stories, in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon, JB is currently working on an international thriller involving America’s greatest fear.

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